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California Honey and Beekeeper Organizations

Beekeepers Association of Southern California
Based in Hacienda Heights, CA, this organization servers beekeepers in southern California.

California Honey Suppliers
List of honey suppliers provided by the National Honey Board.

California State Beekeepers Association
CSBA educates the public about the beneficial aspects of honey bees, advances research beneficial to beekeeping practices, provides a forum for cooperation among beekeepers, and supports the economic and political viability of the beekeeping industry.

Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association
LACBA supports beekeepers in the Los Angeles County area. Everyone interested in beekeeping is invited to participate in their meetings.

Marin County Beekeepers Assocation/
Membership open to all beekeepers in Marin County, CA.

Mount Diablo Beekeepers Association
Serving beekeepers in the Mount Diablo area of California.

Sacramento Area Beekeepers Association
Provide a forum for social interaction and education for beekeepers in the Sacramento, CA area.

San Diego Beekeeping Society
The SDBS is open to both amateur and professional beekeepers. Members range from beginners to the most advanced beekeepers.

San Francisco Beekeepers Association
SFBA welcome anyone interested in beekeeping, especially amateur and professional beekeepers in the San Francisco, CA area.

Santa Barbara Beekeepers Association
SBBA includes more than 300 enthusiastic Backyard Beekeepers yearning to learn more about the Majestic World of the Honey Bee. SBBA strives to bring education, awareness, and honeybee preservation to a new level.

Santa Clara Valley Beekeepers Guild
The organization is dedicated to beekeeping and helping non beekeepers understand bees in and around the Santa Clara Valley. The valley, also know as "Silicon Valley," comprises San Jose California, the surrounding cities,and parts of Santa Clara County. Our membership also includes those from nearby Santa Cruz and the areas in-between.

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