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Beekeeping Tasks

BeeMaster Beekeeping Course Video: John Clayton's Backyard Beekeeping Course is the beginners guide to Beekeeping which covers all aspects of Backyard Beekeeping and successful maintenance. Learn the different traits of the queen, workers and drones. Read more than 80 pages of detailed information, fully interactive with the Beekeeping Forum including, a detailed search feature with information, and many extreme macro-photos of life in the hive.

Featured in national newspapers and magazines as the best beekeeping site for the beginner, it is the right place for any beekeeping or honeybee questions. Whether you are interested as a hobbyist or just want to learn about honeybees, it is a great site to visit. Follow along with the detailed logbook section, state-of-the-art beekeeping forum and share this massive Beekeeping Course with anyone with an interest in beekeeping. Beehive Components

•  Complete Backyard Beekeeping and Honeybee Course
•  Massive International Forums, Chat and Much More
•  One-Stop Learning Center for All Hobbyist Beekeepers

Find Answers to the following questions, and more...

•  Is beekeeping for you?
•  How do I get started installing hives and bees?
•  What is the Queen's role?
•  How big should your own bee yard be?
•  What happens inside a hive?
•  What kind of unique equipment do I need?
•  How do I order beekeeping equipment and supplies?
•  What is the best material for beekeeping gloves?
•  How can I determine the best kind of hive to use?
•  How should I deal with a swarm of bees?
•  Where do I find pictures of bee activity?
•  How do I inspect a hive?
•  How cold is too cold for bees?
•  How can I tell if my bees are productive?
•  What health risks are there to a bee hive?
•  Why are beehives usually painted white?
•  What is a Wax Moth and why do I care?
•  How do I get honey from the bees?
•  Where can I learn from other beekeepers?

Beekeeping Resources

Beekeeping, despite the fact that it sounds terrifying to most, is quite an important job. In fact, history indicates that beekeeping has been around at least 15,000 years. The job of a beekeeper is to maintain the colonies and hives of bees for a number of reasons. Read much more at the Free Resource Guide to Beekeeping

Beekeeping has a rich history dating back thousands of years, but the basic principles have stayed the same. It has become a popular backyard hobby for many nature enthusiasts. Beekeeping is a great way to support the local ecosystem by creating a hive of your own pollinators. Beekeeping is an educational, unique hobby to learn about nature. For more information read A Guide to Beekeeping from Flowers to Harvesting.

Beekeepers know about many different types of bees. It is relevant to beekeeping to know which ones are important to our ecosystems, which ones are endangered, and which ones make honey. It also is helpful to know which bees you should worry about if you ever see them while enjoying nature. See detailed pictures and much more at Bees, Hornets, and Wasps of the World.

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