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United Kingdom Honey and Beekeeping Associations

Beefarmers Association of the UK
Beefarmers Association of the UK.
Beverley Beekeepers Association
Beverley Beekeepers Association, the local Beekeeping Association for East Yorkshire (UK).
British Beekeepers Association
British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) exists to promote beekeeping.
British Honey Importers and Packers Association
UK honey industry's official web site, compiled by the British Honey Importers and Packers Association (BHIPA).
Cambrideshire Beekeepers Association
Cambrideshire Beekeepers Association (UK).
County Dublin Beekeepers Association
County Dublin Beekeepers Association (Ireland).
Hampshire Beekeepers Association
Hampshire Beekeepers' Association: With almost 500 registered beekeepers Hampshire is one of the largest Beekeeping Associations in the British Isles.
Kent Beekeepers of England
Kent Beekeepers of England: Kent is a county in Southern Britain sometimes known as "The Garden of England" where you will find beautiful countryside, historic towns and quaint villages plus many historic places. The County Association was formed in 1879. There are now over 400 members spread over the county and divided into 12 local branches.
London Beekeepers Association
London Beekeepers Association represents the interests of beekeepers and urban beekeeping in the central London area.
Somerset Beekeepers Association
Somerset Beekeepers Association in UK has substantially increased the range of material on the site to appeal to beekeepers of all levels of experience.

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