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Canada Honey & Beekeeping Associations:

Alberta Beekeepers Association
Alberta Beekeepers Association (Canada) has been serving the interests of hobby and commercial beekeepers since 1933.
British Columbia Beekeeping
Promoting and encouraging beekeeping in British Columbia, Canada Since 1920.
Canadian Honey Council
Canadian Honey Council is the national association of beekeepers, honey producers, and honey packers.
Canadian Honey Producers Association
The Canadian Honey Producers Association.
Central Beekeepers Alliance
Established in 1963, as the Central New Brunswick Beekeepers Association. Members include both hobbyists and commercial beekeepers in communities across central and southwestern New Brunswick, Canada.
Ontario Beekeepers Association
Ontario Beekeepers' Association (OBA) was established in 1881. It is one of the oldest established farm organizations in Ontario.
Saskatchewan Beekeepers Association
Celebrating 50+ Years as a Non-Profit organization since 1962. Membership includes virtually all commercial beekeepers as well as an equal number of hobby beekeepers.